Steve Smith is my Hero!!

October 27, 2008

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CJ Washington

Steve Smith is my Hero!!

The Carolina Panthers are rolling! Led by Jake's new Arm the two heading monster at running back, and the Best Receiver in the League Steve Smith. He is Just amazing! For the Third straight game is has gone over 100 yards.  Did you see him take that 5 yard out throw that DB of his back like his book-bag after school, and tipped toed the sideline that would have made a ballerina proud and the hit that next gear and sprinted 65 yards and dived into the end Zone i still have goose bumps. But what is so amazing is he does it on only 5 touches. He does the most with less than any other in the League. I dare you to find another. Santana Moss had a big day too but he had 9 catches and a punt return. If Smith Had his hand on the rock that much he would get over 200 yard. Imagine if Smith was on the Saints or the Cards as much as the chuck the rock around. Steve Smith is back on top and so is the Panthers and that is not a coincidence.  All Carolina Fans Yell it wit me  1, 2, 3, SMITTY!!!!!!!!!!!! Church

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  1. Ya I was at that game and yes I do have him on my fantasy team.  He killed it that week.  I've had him every year since 06.  And yes he did do a super slide in the endzone.  Arguably the best reciever in the league

    Brandon VincentBrandon Vincent on Tuesday, 25 November 2008, 23:52 PST # |

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