South Carolina VS Kentucky Pre-game

October 10, 2008

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CJ Washington

South Carolina VS Kentucky Pre-game

Good news Gamecocks fans, I believe that our Gamecocks has a great chance to win this week at Kentucky and here's why. Yes, KT is 4-1, but the haven't beat anyone notable. The have wins against Louisville, Norfolk State (and before I move to Virginia I haven't ever heard of them), Middle Tennessee State, and Western Kentucky. In their only SEC match up they failed in a close one 17-14 to Bama. The score in that game is deceiving. Bama put up 282 yards on the ground Wow. That is not going to happen on the Emanuel Cook lead defence. Although, that is good very news for the Gamecocks Mike Davis and Bobby Wallace who together against Ole Miss who was coming of there biggest win in forever put up 92 yards rushing. KT only rushed for 35 yards against Bama. Mike Davis has had several runs over 35 yards this season alone. I can see Norwood and Brinkley licking they chops. On the year KT is only averaging 194 yards through the air and 142 on the ground. Against the number 6 D the nation I don't see them reaching those numbers. Even though KT's pass D did hold Wilson in check. I don't think they will be able to do the same against the Gamecocks new explosive Offence. After last week when Smelly threw season and career highs with 3 TD's and 327 yards passing on a team that kept Heisman trophy winner Tim Tebow in Check. So look alive Gamecocks fan I think we make a step in the right direction this week. 30-17 Gamecocks. Church

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