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October 09, 2008

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CJ Washington

America's Team

Wow! In five short weeks we went from the Cowboys as the Super Bowl Favorites, to are they even the best team in the NFC East.  Now I will give you this, the Redskins are shocking everybody! Jason Campbell who hasn't had a turnovers all season  is playing unbelievable, and the rest of the team is following suit. The Cowboys are more like a VH1 reality show then a Super Bowl Contender. You got the Flashy, selfish, unstable, drama queen, diva, charter i.e. Flavor Flav or New York a.k.a Terrell Owens. Then you got the stud, the eye candy, who seem to have the lights on but nobody home, i.e. Meghan, 12 pack, a.k.a. Tony Romo. Then you got the bad boy who you love to hate, The Entertainer, a.k.a Adam Pacman Jones. Who was in the news again for fighting his bodyguards that are paid to keep him out of trouble, hows that for irony. The host who just lets it go on like nothing is wrong, Head Coach Wade Phillips. Who is only keeping the seat warn anyway for Offence Coordinator Jason Garrett. I have never seen a Super Bowl team act like this. Which begs the question after the 1st quarter of the season with the D playing terrible and starting DB Terrance Newman is out with a sports Hernia for at least 6 weeks are they? T.O. Crying when he scores and then thanking God for giving him a Gift. The week before after the Cowboys gave him a third of the offence, and he told us he didn't get the ball. Was he watching the same game I was? Maybe he was running lines with his acting coach! When reporters asked Romo what he thought about it he Scratched his head and I quote "Ugh"!!!  Then Pacman fighting the very people that Jerry Jones hired to help him stay out of trouble. So now every week I turn in to see the weekly Cowboys show. I thought I was watching a great football team try to win a playoff game for the first time in over 10 years. It is more like I'm watching a hit new vh1 reality show entitled  " The Boys"!!! Church

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  1. CJ...very informative post, but once again...I just feel everybody over hypes anything Cowboys!  If this stuff was about the Arizona would not be BREAKING NEWS on ESPN and NFL Network.  Any time you tune into ESPN or NFL Network there is at-least one story about the Cowboys...what about the other 31 teams?  I'll tell you...Cowboys = Ratings = More Money!  Peace!

    utopia1dcutopia1dc on Thursday, 09 October 2008, 10:22 PDT # |

  2. the cowboys are fine and they remind me of the old cowboys who did what win championships and playoff games. t.o. is the best complete wr in the league he does everthing n ur bring him down for crying when a family member died and he was just having a moment. id want the ball all the time 2 if i was as good as he was. the cowboys have a good defense the best wr and tight end and with felix jones coming out look out there still the superbowl favorites

    BJ WesterbyBJ Westerby on Friday, 10 October 2008, 13:12 PDT # |

  3. If you take what TO says to heart you shouldnt be playing in the nfl. Give Tony some time he already is breaking troy records and marion and felix are as good as emmit im sorry to say he is overrated. he didnt do nothing special but run behind the big uglys and if barry sanders didnt reitre smith wouldnt even be close to the record. Wade is average coach just like Jimmy was. what did he do outside the cowboys nothing. only time will tell but im still picking them to win the superbowl i dont see any1 stoping them

    BJ WesterbyBJ Westerby on Saturday, 11 October 2008, 12:52 PDT # |

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