Kimbo Sliced Down

October 06, 2008

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CJ Washington

Kimbo Sliced Down

I took time from watching Terell Pryor grow up and drive his Ohio St Team to a last min win for the first time in is career but I'm sure not the last time. To watch what i thought was the best heavyweight talent in MMA Compared to the likes of a Mike Tyson. He is huge 250 plus, tough he came for the street where he fought just to eat, and Passionate he loves what he's is doing. I was excited to see the fight I was calling my dad during the stare down and before he could answer the phone Kimbo Sliced was KO. It was over in 14 seconds wow it takes me longer to walk to the bathroom and back. I was shocked, stunned, and a little upset. He has been and The Talk of the MMA world. Shoot, the event it self was on CBS a major network no other MMA fighter or even event, dang come to think about it boxing which has been aroung for decades can't even do that anymore, and it was even in Kimbo's back yard. He's been on Jimmy Kimel, ESPN and many kinds of sports programs across the country, He was a star in the making. Now in his first big day he is a falling star. He was KO by some skinny, punkish looking kid with pink hair. Now that one thing I can say I never been KO by a dude with pink hair. Is Kimbo the next over-hyped athlete that isn't going to live up to it. i.e. Ryan Leaf, Bryan Bosworth, or not yet but maybe Reggie Bush. I'm mad all the hype and nothing to show for it. Maybe he should go back to the street and YouTube at least on YouTube he won. Is his career over or it just a blip on the radar. Public Enemy said it best Don't Don't Don't Believe The Hype! Church


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